Are Modern Warfare 3 Assault Streaks Fine ?

Seeing as you could chain a 30 kill streak if you control an area and then play some “video games” on the virtual remote control screen.. how is this a first person shooter anymore ?


Battlefield 3 Streaks Are Possible

Even on TDM (which is not the way BF3 should be played) you can control areas and get some nice streaks as long as you are careful and have a bit of luck. Check it out!

How to Quickscope in Modern Warfare 3

I’ve posted a quickscoping tutorial in which I touch almost every aspect of MW3 quickscoping. There will be more videos coming on the subject.

Getting better at MW3 sniping

So I’ve been doing some semi-intensive sniping training since it’s one of my sticking points in MW3. Not normal sniping per se, but quickscoping. It’s a bit wierd at the beginning, but it’s getting better with time :)

Check out the evolution in these 2 vids :

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Introduction

So I’ve been playing some Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer in the past few days, and decided to make a short video about it since odds are that people in my audience may overlook this game.

Long story short: it’s a 4 man cooperative mode in which you battle through 11 waves of enemies across different maps and on 3 difficulties. You can choose characters that use the class templates found in the singleplayer game, but with only 3 abilities. Different characters of the same class have different abilities and they all get leveled up separately as you play with them.

I’m curious how the final version plays out, since Cerberus thugs can only do so much.


Going back to the roots

Got started with some sniping again these past few days, and I’ve got some footage from MW3 and Black Ops as well. Enjoy



How to get Scavenger Pro fast

The Pro Perk series is coming to an end soon. Scavenger Pro is presented in today’s episode!


Learning AfterEffects

I’ve been studying Adobe AfterEffects a bit since I needed a new intro for my channel with the switch to Modern Warfare 3, and I must say it’s quite a great little program, and very easy to use once you understand its philosophy.

It allows you to do many tasks that would normally be a pain in Vegas or other programs, such as transformations, keyframing, effect multiplication and many more. It has a very smart copy/paste system and A LOT of built-in effects and presets.

Here’s l the intro that I made in roughly 2 hours while starting from ZERO AfterEffects knowledge.

I’ve used  tutorials from to get started. Lots of good stuff over there.

You can download the After Effects trial HERE

Photoshop trial HERE 

Get crankin’!

Two new Dark Souls vids are up!

So as the title says, I’ve put up two more Dark Souls videos, but this time on Smalltimegaming2. Check them out and tell me what you think!

Wager Match Moments is UP – Episode 3 – Sharpshooter

So the latest episode of Wager Match Moments is up, and what I’m going to do for the next Smalltimegaming videos is to focus exclusively on Call of Duty. I’ll put all my other game videos on Smalltimegaming2 , including the Dark Souls Let’s play.

Enjoy the video! :)